The programme initiated and supported by the Arts Council of Wales, launched in January 2012, is being developed in partnership with Creative Producer Carole Blade and Cardiff based arts centre Chapter, it embraces partnerships with Wales based organisations along with international partnerships and co-producers.

The increased investment to the dance portfolio for the creative producer initiative is enabling Wales to consolidate its support for dance artists and companies, and broaden its reach and networks. The partnership is exploring new artistic collaborations, multimedia platforms and international links.

Coreo Cymru is a member of the National Dance Network and the international Dance Roads Network.


Connect! Engage! Inspire!
Coreo Cymru aims to connect with artists, partners and audiences by offering unique and compelling ways to engage with a programme which will inspire quality, innovation and artistically driven work to support audience development.

Collaboration is Coreo’s underlying principle, working across disciplines and geographical borders bringing together art form specialists and creative practitioners to create a diverse programme. Coreo Cymru believes in forging new partnerships with organisations across Wales, UK and internationally, this will be key to the success of this new initiative and the development of the dance sector in Wales.

The programme includes new innovative ways of presenting dance, touring stage productions, artist development schemes, research opportunities and site-specific projects in the the community. It supports small to large-scale productions of different styles and aesthetics and offers various support mechanisms for the growth of dance artists and collaborators. Coreo’s programme has been developed to encompass new and existing audiences, venues and sites whilst establishing and nurturing partnerships across Wales and internationally.