Caroline Lamb

‘Each for all, all for Each’ aims to bear witness to the victims and those who survived and were forced to carry on without sons, fathers, husbands, grandfathers and brothers. This site-specific piece, will be taking place on and around the site of the old mine in the South Wales valleys and will be presented as a large-scale event in October 2013.

Caroline Lamb said, “Patrick and I want to make a work of quality that will be sensitive to the Senghenydd community. We plan to develop the piece from photographs taken at the time of the disaster, and stories, both real and imagined, which will come from the people of Senghenydd in response to the event. Working in this way will allow the work to remain rooted in, and sensitive to the community.”


Documentation video of the performance ‘Each for all, all for Each’ in Senghenydd on 14th October 2013.