Sean Tuan John

FACT NUMBER ONE: A devastating shipwreck occurred on the rocks off the island in 1817, and all of the dead were buried on the island. FACT NUMBER TWO: On 13 May 1897 radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi made telecommunications history, transmitting a radio signal across open sea for the first time. It was from Lavernock Point to Flat Holm in 1897 that Marconi’s historic experiment took place. 

The research will investigate these two events and search through new sonic transmission technologies, looking into the questioning of the audience/performer divide, by exploring the collision and juxtaposition of audio and image through both a physical and emotional journey.   

Sean Says: “I am very excited to be given this opportunity to explore the possibilities of constructing a unique theatrical journey to an island, to experiment with the possibilities of using sonic technologies, audio soundtrack scores, and how these sound elements can effect, and inform the theatrical image in ways I have not had the chance to explore before”.