Dance Dome latest news

Coreo’s Dance Dome partners’ 4Pi Productions are currently in the USA and have had the opportunity to present the Dance Dome films at major fulldome events and theatres. Our latest film ‘Pal O’ Me Heart’ by Earthfall was presented at the world’s most prominent fulldome conference, Imersa Summit in Denver and at the Morrison Planetarium in California.

Our award winning film ‘The Sublime’ by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey has also been getting its fair share of screening with presentations as part of the BAFICI Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina and a two-week run at SAT Montreal where it was also shown as part of the International Curators Festival Montreal.

Next month the three films including ‘The Beautiful’ by TaikaBox will be presenting in the portable dome structure at Festivals forming part of a two-city tour in Macau, China.

Look out for the Dance Dome tour in Wales this summer starting at Wales Millennium Centre on 5 & 6 July as part of Big Dance.

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