Dance artists from Wales, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Canada will descend on Chapter on 16 September for a two-week artists residency which forms one aspect of the of the Coreo Cymru and Chapter led European dance programme Dance Roads Open Process.

The project hosted in partnership with the Dance Roads network is the first Welsh led dance project to be funded with support from the EU Culture Programme and aims to provide the European dance sector with useful tools and contacts as well as supporting the development of five talented emerging choreographers recruited through the network partners.

The DROP programme kicked off in July with the circulation of surveys to over 300 dance organisations and venues across Europe to identify cross-border networks supporting choreographic development. The data collected will provide an overview of each participating network, their activity brief, scale and partners’ information and form an interactive digital mapping tool which will be launched at a DROP Platform event following on from the artists residency in Chapter between 26 and 28 September 2013.

The Platform will host to up to 50 artists, promoters and dance specialist from across the EU, highlighting their profile and experiences and providing an opportunity to discuss current choreographic and dance networks practice. Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Dance department are supporting the programme by carrying out an in depth study on the working practices of the participating choreographers with their initial findings presented to the delegates. This three-day event will also present performances from the international artists and local dance collective Kitsch n Sync.