DANCE ROADS residency at Chapter

During September 2013 the network partners representative artists from UK, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Canada came together for the first time at Chapter, Cardiff for a two week artists residency. The five choreographers and their dancers were supported throughout the residency period by the DROP project mentor Emmanuel Grivet, an internationally acclaimed French choreographer and improvisation movement master, with the aim of drawing out what is unique to their work and delving deeper into their and each others creative practice. The residency culminated with a work in progress platform to invited guests made up of local and international dance specialists and promoters.

During 2014, the programme will continue to work with the five participating choreographers and present their newly developed work to audiences in each of the partner venues. This international tour, will take place during the Spring 2014 and will be accompanied by workshops, residencies, talks, as well as research projects to support audience development, international dialogue and best practice.

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Jo Fong – UK Jasper Van Luijk – Holland

Teilo Troncy – France Sarah Bronsard – Canada

Andrea Gallo Rosso – Italy Emmanuel Grivet – DROP Mentor

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