Dance Roads Open Process

Year one of the two-year programme provided practical and artistic tools to enhance choreographic practice, developed an interactive tool mapping current networks and hosted a European conference at Chapter Arts Centre during September 2013. It aimed to provide an opportunity for dialogue and exchange between dance leaders and artists from a broad range of EU countries.

During 2014, the programme continued to work with the five participating choreographers and presented their newly developed work to audiences in each of the partner venues. This international tour was accompanied by workshops, residencies, talks, as well as research projects to support audience development, international dialogue and best practice.

Tour dates included:

Canada – 8/9/10 May 2014, France – 14/15/16 May 2014, Wales – 22 & 23 May 2014, Italy – 30 & 31 May 2014 and Netherlands – 5 & 6 June 2014


The Artists & Programme Jo Fong – Wales Jo is a director, choreographer and performer working in dance, film, theatre and the visual arts. As a performer she has worked for over 20 years including performances with Rosas, DV8 Physical Theatre, Rambert Dance Company, Mark Bruce Company, Young Vic Theatre, Igloo and Quarantine Theatre. Dialogue – A double act -An ever-evolving dance theatre performance, where the drama is in what is happening right now. Inspired by Amanda Baggs’ moving film ‘In my language’, the work questions our modes of communication creating a live, ‘in the moment’ ensemble.


Teilo Troncy – France After his education in acting and contemporary dance at the Conservatory of Bordeaux (France), Teilo moved to Amsterdam to study at the SNDO to multiply, challenge and deepen his work as maker-dancer-performer in relation to dance and performance art. Je ne suis pas permanent – A female solo piece in which the performer embodies an ode to life where movement and stillness, control and its loss are juxtaposed. How can time and space be filled with the maximum of ourselves?


Jasper Van Luijk – The Netherlands In 2011, Jasper was selected to participate in the Voorjaarsontwakenevent as a choreographer and has since presented his work at a number of festivals including Holland Dance Festival, CaDance and a/d Werf. In 2012 Jasper received the ITS Choreography Award, a national prize for graduating talent in choreography. Quite Discontinuous – A male duet where Van Luijk tries to capture his fascination with lifelessness in text and movement. How do we respond to the death of a loved one? How does a group redefine itself when one of its members is missing? And how does our perspective of ourselves and our relationships with others shift when death has entered our lives?


Andrea Gallo Rosso – Italy  After studying theatre improvisation, music (violin), and physics at university, Andrea found contemporary dance. After completing his dance training in Turin, Andrea continued to develop his craft working with artists and has presented his work at national and international festivals. I meet you… if you want – A male duet portraying encounters between people – love, friendship and formal relationships. Andrea investigates the instinct we have to communicate starting from birth at both the physical and emotional levels.



Sarah Bronsard – Canada Sarah’s passion for dance started with flamenco in 2003 and after graduating in new media in 2009 she continued her training in contemporary dance in Montreal and Paris. She took part in Transforme-Se Prolonger at the Royaumont Abbaye (France), where she collaborated with choreographers and electroacoustic composers, spanning multiple creations. Ce qui émerge apr ès (4kg) – From the weightlessness of the four kilograms of dead skin cells a human loses each year, a new density comes to life. This work explores what has to be lost for a new form to appear, the inevitable time a maturation process needs and what happens now that a form has arisen.



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