(In)visible Dancing

Coreo Cymru and Luca Silvestrini’s Protein presented an International Dance Festival Birmingham production.

(In)visible Dancing seemingly grows out of everyday life, developing from what looks like ‘incidental’ strange behaviour on the street to a fully fledged dance experience that engages with the architecture of the location. These interventions were performed twice daily in Queens Street, city centre between 18 -21, and 24 -26 of June to huge enthusiastic crowds. (In)visible Dancing then became Visible Dancing, a big-splash finale event that engaged 40+ local amateur/community performers in a high profile performance display on the final day of the project outside the Capitol Centre, Queens Street.

(In)visible Dancing offered places to five Wales based emerging dance graduates who worked with Protein’s company of six dance professionals to create short dance theatre pieces presented to the public over the ten-day period. This extraordinary project offered Wales based emerging dance artists an opportunity to gain performance experience, work with one of the UK’s leading dance theatre companies and make connections with the dance sector in Wales.