Created by an international film crew and coordinated by members of the Urban Reaction Research Lab collective, Submergence presented The Beautiful by Taikabox and the 2012 Innovation Prize Winner at Domefest, USA, The Sublime, by Harnisch-Lacey Dance Theatre.

The Beautiful is an immersive metaphysical journey through some of the stunning landscapes of South Wales. It features the gravity-defying dancing of Laura Moy, with landscape backplates shot in time-lapse by the academy award-winning cinematographer Bill Mitchell. Choreographed by Tanja Råman and directed by John Collingswood.

The Sublime is a dynamic fulldome dance film, featuring site-specific live captured sequences of parkour and break-dance shot within the natural and urban spaces of Wales, set to an original composition by Luke Harney. Choreographed by Sandra Harnisch-Lacey.

Submergence has been part of fulldome festivals all over the world such as Fulldome UK at Leicester, DomeFest in Lousiana, USA and BACIFI Film Festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has also been screened in planetariums such as Think Tank in Birmingham and the IAIA Dome in Santa Fe, New Mexico.