Blyshdance 2014

The show is being presented by commissioners Coreo Cymru and Wales Millennium Centre as part of the annual Blysh Festival. Friday 18th July 6.30pm (premiere):   Saturday 19th July 4.45pm & 6.45pm:    Sunday 20th July 12.30pm & 2.30pm It is a free event and takes place in Wales Millennium Centre’s Glanfa Foyer. Image 10 Javier de Frutos BLYSH WMC 11 (2) Photo: Janire Najera The new work for four Wales-based dance artists will be accompanied by Cian’s new band Zefur Wolves as they prepare to launch their new album in the autumn. This is a chance to experience a truly unique performance of live dance and music suitable for all ages. Javier said the work is being especially created for the performance space at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. “My main objective was to create a work for somewhere that is not normally seen as a theatre space, so when I came to Wales Millennium Centre I was looking for the least obvious area for the performance. We will be creating something extraordinary in an ordinary space. The people will gather knowing something is going to happen but not exactly what or where.” The Venezuelan choreographer and dancer said the live music is integral to the performance. “I did not want to work with something like a string quartet. Rather, I wanted to put work to contemporary music and in the 21st century that means a band. You have a strong tradition in of popular music in Wales and Cian not only comes with his Super Furry Animals history but with a new band which makes it even more personal.” Javier de Frutos work is in the repertoire of main ballet and contemporary dance companies including Rambert Dance Company and The Royal Ballet and he choreographed the musicals Carousel for the Chichester Festival Theatre, the National Theatre’s production of Death and the King’s Horseman and the acclaimed West End and touring productions of Cabaret, for which he won the prestigious Olivier Award for ‘Best Theatre Choreographer’ in February 2007.

The four dancers selected by Javier to perform The Bomb in my Pacific are Cardiff-based dance artists Lara Ward, Rosalind Brooks, Iain Payne and Matt Mulligan. Cian, who is originally from Bangor, North Wales, said, “Never before have I had the pleasure of a visual interpretation/accompaniment to my music like this. It’s been an eye opener and has made me take a second look at the compositions and writing process. Both are interwoven, intricate and with attention to detail. The collaborative process between us and Javier is much closer than that you’d usually get from a traditional music video. It has just the right amount of intensity and emotion driven through with narrative and a sympathetic and mutual understanding of both artforms. Once more it’s alive, you’re not watching a screen and the interaction is something special, unique, not to be missed!” Zefur Wolves are Cardiff-based musicians Cian Ciarán, Estelle Ios, Brian Llewellyn and Newport -based Daniel Wall. Coreo Cymru creative producer Carole Blade said, “This has been an extraordinary project to host and to witness the creative journeys of both the music and dance as it’s developed over the last few weeks. The two art forms working together have enriched the other and we are honoured that the Zefur Wolves have chosen to debut with this power theatrical event led by a truly inspiring choreographer”.