The Dance Dome in Oxford

The Dance Dome was part of this years edition of the festival Dancin’ Oxford. On the 9th March it was open for free to the public and visitors enjoyed the shorts programme: The Sublime and The Beautiful from 10 am to 6 pm. For more info you can visit: Dancin’ Oxford.

 ‘The Dance Dome was a wonderful addition to Dancin’ Oxford’s outdoor festival programme. It attracted a lot of tourists (as well as local residents) which was great. Audience numbers were extremely high and the feedback received was extremely positive. It certainly achieved our aim for it in terms of offering something different to the festival audience and engaging with a new audience in new ways. I think the concept of it is hugely attractive and it works extremely well as part of an outdoor festival programme.

 It offered a truly unique experience for the vast majority of the audience and the verbal feedback we gathered from viewers afterwards really emphasised this.

I put a lot of the credit to the success on the day to URRL´s team. The whole team worked incredibly hard and enthusiastically and were an great pleasure to work with.´

Clare Thompson, Dancin´Oxford.