Wales punching above its weight in the Arts

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A Welsh team of digital artists have been producing and presenting in Montreal, Canada a unique immersive live performance fusing contemporary dance, 360º visuals and live music.

Developed by 4Pi Productions in partnership with the Society of Arts and Technology, SAT, Liminality had its world premiere on the 13th March at the Satosphere in Montreal to a sold out audience and has been presented as part of the official selection of FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art) between the 13th and the 31st of March 2018.

Captivating and unique in its kind, Liminality offers a multisensory and almost spiritual experience pushing the boundaries of storytelling within immersive spaces. For Wales’ based multimedia studio 4Pi Productions this is the fourth 360º dance piece for the dome made in partnership with Coreo Cymru and the first time that creative directors Matt Wright and Janire Najera have turned one of their immersive films into a live performance piece.

“It has long been an aim of our creative partnership to develop the Dance Dome platform into the live arena and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in our short time here in Canada at the Society of Arts & Technology.” Matt Wright, director of 4Pi Productions.

Liminality, began as part of the UK India Year of culture with support from British Council Wales and Wales Arts International and in partnership with Chapter, Coreo Cymru and The Danceworx. The team with Wales’ choreographers Kim Noble and Hugh Stanier have been working together for over a year capturing dance sequences in Wales and India alongside three Indian dancers to reflect upon the influences of both cultures on each other. The dancers move from industrial landscapes to remote coastal areas in both countries and explore what unites and separates them in this collaboration of cultures and technologies.

The resulting fulldome film premiered at Imersa in Columbus, Ohio, USA at the end of February, at the same time that the core creative team travelled to Canada to develop the live immersive work.

Liminality has been incredibly well received by the audiences of Montreal and seen by over 700 people. It has received multiple standing ovations and has been described by the press as a hybrid and multisensory performance where all artistic forms collide fluidly; the movements of dancers Kim Noble and Manas Sharma, the electronic music composed by iconoclast duo Filastine and Nova and the immersive visuals and light effects created by 4Pi Productions.

“Liminality seems simple in its complexity, but without a doubt, a work of master was accomplished for the creation and the realization of this hybrid work.” Emilie Plante,

“The spectator is invited to dive into a parallel universe as soon as they enter the dome. Everything is done so that the audience feel cut off from the outside world. They are then able to engage fully in an experience that will remain etched in their memories”. Lauryane Arzel,


Society for Arts and Technology, 1201 Boul St-Laurent, Montreal, Canada Presented from Tuesday to Saturday at 7 pm from the 13th to 31st March 31, 2018.

Duration: 35 minutes.


A partnership between 4Pi Productions and Society of Arts and Technology. Supported by British Council Wales, Wales Arts International and Coreo Cymru.

Concept: Janire Najera and Matt Wright (4Pi Productions)

Director: Matt Wright (Wales, UK)

Producer and Visuals: Janire Najera (Wales, UK)

Choreographer: Kim Noble (Wales, UK)

Dancers: Kim Noble (Wales, UK) and Manas Sharma, (Delhi, India)

Music by: Filastine and Nova (USA and Indonesia)

Visual Production Assistants: Raquel Garcia and Ignacio Alvarez (Wales, UK)

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